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BSkyB has aquired FootyTweets, CricketTweets and RugbyTweets

Just to clear things up. This is an April Fool joke. There is a massive April Fool image at the bottom of the post that has been there since midday (GMT) on April 1st 2009.


BSkyB, the company behind the Sky TV network has today aquired all the sites in the network.

FootyTweets, RugbyTweets and CricketTweets will now be at the front of the Sky Sports Twitter lineup and will therefore be rebranded to suit. In addition there will be plenty of advertising of Skys other channels and programme in each accounts Twitter feed. Especially show like Lost and Gladiators as BSkyB feel this is a great way to engage with users of the Twitter service.

I am looking forward to meeting the Sky Sports team on Monday. I hope they feel the same way!

As a consequence I will no longer be running the site, but will become a Sky Sports web developer. I will still be on Twitter so please follow me @ollieparsley.



April Fool

13 Responses to “BSkyB has aquired FootyTweets, CricketTweets and RugbyTweets”

  1. hope you negotiated a great deal for your self!!

    Well done


  2. Danny D says:

    April Fools joke??

  3. Ollie, Ollie, Ollieā€¦ c’mon now, nice try though

  4. Paul b says:

    Hardy ha ha, nice april fools joke.

  5. Bob Hoskins says:

    Gladiators?? Get out of town with your fools jokes

  6. WaneY says:

    Haha, Happy to see you make a small fortune. But shy have a track record of ruining these things. They destroyed the fans forum that was now they will no doubt spam and reflood news already on sky sports news and Not good news :/

  7. DeeJayBee says:

    Was nearly taken in by this – was gutted and then remembered the date.

    Thank God!

  8. WaneY says:

    I wish it was true…Sky are the best :/