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Issue with BBC content

I seem to be writing more and more blog posts about large content providers not being happy with free publicity on FootyTweets, RugbyTweets, CricketTweets and MotorTweets. So whats happend this time? Well the BBC have written a letter to me and said that I am infringing their copyright by framing their content. I immediately went to Twitter (@ollieparsley) and let everyone know what had happened and the immediate responses were that framing content is not copying it.

This then set me off and I have written a letter back (at their request) after removing the frame and promising not to infringe their copyright. Below I have included some text from my reply letter. It brings up a number of factors:

I will now go into my reasoning for using framed content on my site.

BBC content
The BBC content in the frame IS the BBC sports pages, not scraped, not crawled, not copied, simply had a navigation frame placed above it.
The site that has 10s of millions of visitors every month that have, for the last few months, started using the “Digg bar” that puts content, quite a lot of which is BBC’s, into a Digg frame.

You will notice that I have brought up a number of issues with the way they want control of the way their content is delivered round the web.



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