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Move to OAuth

The whole sport network has now fully moved over to using the more secure OAuth authentication protocol for sending tweets to all our accounts.

What is OAuth?
To put it simply OAuth is a method of allowing users access to an “account” without the need to the application requesting access to need to users username/password. Instead it is done with various tokens. This means the process is more secure and allows the user to revoke access to individual applications if there is an issue, rather than having to reset their password and enter it back into all their applications/clients.

What difference will I see?
From your perspective there will only be one noticable difference. All tweets sent from the network will have a “via FootyTweets” or “via MotorTweets” etc. FootyTweets has always been like this, but the other 3 sites in the network (MotorTweets, CricketTweets and RugbyTweets) didn’t have their name in the tweet meta-data.

That is all! Just a quick post to keep you up-to-date :)



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